Mastering Mini Session Photography: 5 Key Steps for Success - Jillian Goulding Photography

How to Master Mini Session Photography: 5 Key Steps for Success

Mini-session photography is an art in itself that can generate extra income and introduce you to new clients. These sessions have become a popular and lucrative trend in the photography world and for good reason! Offering clients a quick and cost-effective way to capture memories while providing photographers with an opportunity to boost their income […]



6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Photography Business


5 Secrets to Get Kids to Cooperate for Photos


The 5 Best Styling Tips for Family Photos 


Nailing Down Your Dream Client as a Photographer


The 5 Steps I Wish I’d Known to Turn My Photography Hobby into A Business

When I first picked up a camera almost 15 years ago, there was so much I didn’t know. Not only was I learning a brand new skill through endless YouTube videos and blog posts (#selftaught), I was also figuring out how to turn this new passion into a business. I knew this: I wanted to […]

The 5 Foundations I Wish I’d Known When Starting My Photography Business


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Growth Mindset: The One Thing Your Photography Business Is Missing | Jillian Goulding Photography

Have you ever felt stuck in your photography business? You love your work, and your portfolio speaks for itself, but you just can’t seem to reach that next level of success. What if I told you that the secret has very little to do with your social media marketing, your equipment, or even your current skill […]

Growth Mindset: The One Thing Your Business is Missing


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There’s nothing like the rush of starting a new business. It almost feels like that “first day of school” energy — so much excitement, a little bit of nerves, and a whole bunch of unknowns in front of you. There will be hard days, sure, but something about growing your biz as you grow your […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Photography Business


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Ask me what I’m most passionate about, and my answer will always be two things: my family and my business. I absolutely love photography, and educating other women in this business brings my soul more joy than I can even express. I also love being a wife and mom to my favorite people on the […]

3 Tips on How to Balance Motherhood and Business


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Here’s what not to do while you build a photography business you love.

Mistakes To Avoid If You Want A Fulfilling Photography Business


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Know your worth and then add tax image used for a photography tips blog about how to actually set your rates as a photographer

If you’re ready to set your rates well, here are 3 tips to keep in mind.

How to Actually Calculate Your Rates as a Photographer

Photography Tips

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Pregnant mom-to-be standing on the edge of a mountain over looking the ocean on a cloudy day

I’ve seen tons of truly stunning photos over the years – but the images that have stuck with me for the long haul were those rare snaps that take things from “stunning” to storytelling.  Isn’t it amazing that as photographers, we have the ability to tell stories without saying a word? We get to do […]

How to Tell Stories with Your Images

Photography Tips

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Photo showing Jillian holding a camera. Being a mom and a photographer and entering the holiday season can sometimes lead to burnout.. i've been there.

After 10 years of doing this photography business thang, there are certain questions I get again and again both about the profession and the craft of photography! People wonder about the camera settings, how to master editing, and what my advice might be to start their own photo biz. And truth be told, I LOVE […]

The 10 Most Important Photography Questions: Answered

Photography Tips

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When you first get a DSLR camera, I know that it’s tempting to set your camera to “auto” and just run with it. After all, these are nice, advanced cameras that aren’t exactly cheap! You’d think they would have the capacity to take incredible photos without you having to mess with them much. But… there […]

5 Reasons to Shoot in Manual

Photography Tips

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 I’m going to share with you the 5 secrets to capturing emotional and authentic images of your clients, no matter what. I’ve spent the last 10 years building my photography business based on these principles, and they’ve landed me shoots with celebrities and influencers who I never could’ve dreamed I’d meet.

Download it here, and learn how to start taking photos you’re truly proud of… 💫

5 Secrets to Get Emotional & Real Images From Every Photo Shoot

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