Mastering Mini Session Photography: 5 Key Steps for Success - Jillian Goulding Photography

How to Master Mini Session Photography: 5 Key Steps for Success

Mini-session photography is an art in itself that can generate extra income and introduce you to new clients. These sessions have become a popular and lucrative trend in the photography world and for good reason! Offering clients a quick and cost-effective way to capture memories while providing photographers with an opportunity to boost their income […]



6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Photography Business


5 Secrets to Get Kids to Cooperate for Photos


The 5 Best Styling Tips for Family Photos 


Nailing Down Your Dream Client as a Photographer


The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List | Jillian Goulding Photography

Whether you’re a photographer who wants to give your client experience a facelift, or you’re just looking for a great deal on your next photo session, this holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself or get the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  I only offer one big sale all year, and […]

The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List


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5 Tips for Newer Photographers | Jillian Goulding Photography | Photo 101 Course

In fact, I believe in family photo sessions so much that I’ve compiled a list of everything you need to make your next one a success. Get ready to kick back, relax, and even have fun the next time you’re in front of the camera — and spoiler alert: from behind the lens, the chaos of kids only makes it better.

7 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session

Family Photography

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I remember in my early photographer days just how nerve-wracking photoshoots could be. It’s not like you can just show up and take a few pictures and call it a day! There are so many things to think about to run smoother photo shoots, from gear, location, and lighting to making sure your clients feel […]

5 Tips for Smoother Photo Shoots

Photography Tips

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Capturing Moments: A Guide to 2024 Photography Trends | Jillian Goulding Photography

I believe there’s such a deep importance of family photos for everyday life, to celebrate the little things and normal days just as much as we do the special ones. Mamas, parents, and soon-to-be parents… I know you know the feeling of wanting to remember every sweet moment and milestone. Your little one crawls for […]

The Importance of Family Photos for Everyday Life

Family Photography

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Photographing families is one of my favorite things in the world. I know, I know… The thought of orchestrating toddlers and babies and potentially grumpy teens and getting them all to cooperate (and not to mention, look at the camera… at the same time) might sound like a nightmare to some people, but for me, […]

Easy Ways to Get Natural Family Poses

Family Photography

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As a long-time family photographer, one of the main questions my clients come to me with is, “How should I style my family for our pictures?” And it makes sense, too! We often see these perfectly curated family images on Instagram and blogs, with color-coordinated outfits, pristinely designed homes, and sweet, smiling kiddos. And you […]

The 5 Best Styling Tips for Family Photos

Family Photography

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 I’m going to share with you the 5 secrets to capturing emotional and authentic images of your clients, no matter what. I’ve spent the last 10 years building my photography business based on these principles, and they’ve landed me shoots with celebrities and influencers who I never could’ve dreamed I’d meet.

Download it here, and learn how to start taking photos you’re truly proud of… 💫

5 Secrets to Get Emotional & Real Images From Every Photo Shoot

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