to finally dust off your "REAL" camera and start capturing gorgeous, emotive, creative images of your most important moments (plus everything in-between).

It’s time

A 7-part, self-guided photography education course for new photographers seeking the most straightforward way to learn how to use their DSLR camera without all the confusing lingo, plus all of the important supporting skills (like lighting, editing, posing & more) that allow you to take powerful, authentic photos that mean something.

Introducing Photography 101 [eCourse]:

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It’s the sun streaming into the room with just the right glow, or the spaghetti-sauce-smeared grin from a sticky toddler. You quickly reach for your phone to capture the moment before it’s gone,
but then…

 …what you see on your screen falls FLAT. The color, the light, the feeling—it’s all missing from the image staring back at you.

 And just like that, the moment is gone forever.

You see it —
a perfect moment
unfolding right
in front of you.

But what if THIS
happened instead…

The same moment unfolds, only this time you’re ready.

You reach not for your phone but for your DSLR camera. You easily adjust the settings to take advantage of the light and mood, you frame the shot, and snap the shutter.

What you now see on the screen looking back at you is the opposite of flat. It’s FULL.

Full of emotion. Of light. Of memory.

 THIS is what Photography 101 offers to you. A lifetime of memories not lost but captured.

Hi, I'm Jillian

Over the years, I’ve transformed my side hustle into a thriving photography business that has taken me and my camera to the beaches of San Francisco Bay, the pages of People Magazine, and the screens of Extra TV.

 But… I have a secret for ya. I also very
much remember the feeling of standing behind a lens and wondering what the heck I was doing. I barely knew how to change modes on the screen, much less how to adjust aperture and make my vision come to life.

 If you can relate, be encouraged! I’ve been there. This course is what I wish I would have had back then, which is why I know it will help you.

Let me guess

You’ve already spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials but still don’t feel comfortable with your DSLR?

Let’s fix that.

 Here’s what makes this course different from other beginner photography courses…

1. You’ll be involved.

2. You’ll learn more
than manual mode.

3. You’ll find community.

Unlike other lecture-style courses, this is an interactive training where you'll be taken into photo shoots with me, even zooming in with
my camera.

Yes—you’ll learn how to
shoot in manual, but you’ll also learn about lighting, equipment, where you can rent lenses, how to use lighting to create emotional images, how to change your camera settings on the fly, posing your subjects, and more.

This course invites you into an interactive FB community with other aspiring photographers so that you’ll always have friends to cheer you on.

Just imagine that a few weeks from now you could be…

If that sounds exciting, this course is your next step

totally, I'M IN!

Let's Do This!

Photography 101

One of the early mistakes I made as a new photography student was overcomplicating everything! I tried to learn every detail... and then got paralyzed with info overload.

It's my mission to protect you from this same frustrating fate.

For this reason, I’ve intentionally distilled everything I know about photography into seven modules. Each module includes short, impactful lessons that empower you to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Mastering Manual Mode on Your DSLR 

Learning the Foundations of Photography 

The Meaning of Photography

Featured Modules:



Understanding Lighting & How To Use It To Create Beautiful Photos


Posing & Strategies For Capturing Moments 


Introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop

Bonus : Iphone Photography 




A guide (me!) the whole way so you’ll know what  to do, how to do it, and what comes next. You’ll never feel overwhelmed.

My best equipment tips and recommendations,  including my favorite must-have gear I bring to all of my photoshoots.

A workbook that accompanies the course with action items and assignments to help you master the material.

In addition to these seven impactful modules, you’ll also get:

Let’s keep it practical, simple, and DO-ABLE! Sound good?

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These four things cost MORE than
becoming the photographer you
were meant to be…

Average cost of hiring a photographer for your annual holiday card - $1,000

Average cost of a DSLR collecting dust in a drawer somewhere - $800

Cost of 2.5 trip to Target to buy snacks, staples and (let’s face it) a few extras - $500

Average cost of fancy camera phone that takes FLAT photos - $1,200



Best Savings



Best Plan

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