build the photography business you've been dreaming of & scale
to six figures. 

The Storyteller 

A monthly Membership
with Jillian Goulding

Ready to fast-track the income, clients, freedom, art & flexibility you desire for your photography business – on your own time and in your own way?

Be a part of a group of creative, business minded & friendly photographers who support and uplift one another. Community over competition always!

Have a fully booked calendar with dream clients that trust your vision, value your art & inspire you to create in an authentic way. 

Drastically increase your revenue to six figures and still maintain the freedom and flexibility you have always dreamt about. 

Identify your photography business plan, create soul-centered & meaningful art, build a sustainable brand, attract & book your dream clients

But imagine if you could...

From the outside looking in, it seems easier than most people would imagine. “You just take pictures of people, right?” If I had a dollar every time someone asked me that… *eye roll*

There are amazing, incredible parts, like the first time a big social media account reposts one of your images, or when you book a dream destination shoot, or when you sell-out your first round of mini-sessions.

But, there are hard parts too. f I could go back and tell myself to not attempt to figure it out completely on my own early on. Not only is that a fast-track to entrepreneurial loneliness, but it also stunts your growth as a business owner AND photographer.

You’re busy trying to figure out how to find the right clients that you actually want to work with, how to show up on social media in a way that feels true to you, how to run the (way-more-complicated-than-you-ever-realized) back-end of your business, how to save money for taxes, how to charge the most strategic rates while remaining competitive, and on top of all that, how to hone your artistic edge. The thing that
makes your photography uniquely yours.

WHEW. It’s enough to make anyone hang up their camera and send them running back to their boring 9-5 office job—you know, the one you swore you’d never return to but now looks a little tempting with all of its stability, security, and community aspects.

Truth: running a photography business is HARD, especially if we do it alone.

I want a better way

The Storyteller Collective

join our amazing community 

it’s the fast-track toward reaching the dreams you have for your photography business

The Storyteller Collective is
what you've been looking for

You'll learn how to find a way to align your actions and business decisions with the goals, values and vision you have for your life. We offer weekly trainings and educational resources that allow you to grow to the next level and build your business into exactly what YOU want it to be.

You'll get weekly trainings and educational resources that will show you new ways to look at your business and streamline the way you do things—so that you can reduce your stress, reclaim your creativity and revive your profits.

You’ll get my and the group’s ongoing support, community, friendship and camaraderie on top of all of these other high-quality resources and training materials. In fact, community feedback and support like this is the NUMBER 1 way to fasttrack your goals and success.

You don't want the accountability you need to push the needle and grow your business

You don’t really care about photography and the thought of cultivating your skills for a hobby or a business isn’t exciting to you.

You already know everything about growing and scaling a photography business so, you don’t need education that could help you go further faster

You’re totally content with where your business is right now and you don’t really want anything to change

It's NOT for you if:

You’re ready to meet your business besties and learn alongside an incredible community of creatives

You want creative freedom, time flexibility, more profitability, or if you want to deepen your photography skills, align with your ideal clients and create art that means something to you

You are ready to have a thriving photography business and YOU want to MAKE it happen with constant support along the way.

You’re a photographer or aspiring photographer who’s eager to grow, you’re always down to improve & grow as a person & a business owner

This program IS for you if:

You will have a support system and mentor to encourage you and keep you accountable so that you can be successful


You will be a part of a collaborative community of creative professionals who are eager to help you grow (smaller group for now) 


Monthly Q & A with Jillian so she can answer any  & all of your photography questions.  nothing is off limits 

Monthly Q & A 

You’ll get access to an ever-growing library of practical, self-paced educational content.

Continuing education

Imagine if every month you can have...

A Breakdown of The Membership

Below is a breakdown of deliverables inside the membership each and every month. The beauty of being a collective member is that you get to help decide what resources and education are most helpful on your photography journey.

Love something? Want more of something? Perfect. I want to know so that we can deliver on it and make this group as valuable as possible for you!

Let's dig into all things photography. Each month there will be a brand new issue focused on a topic that will help you progress in your photography journey & create images you love. Some topics could be manual settings, lighting, posting, compositions, storytelling, client experience, and more! As members, you will help me choose the topics!

Monthly Photography Issue

week one


One week every month is going to be a wild card—in other words, I’m going to surprise you with a fun bonus activity or resource every month! It might be social media templates, a cheat sheet on taking photos inside, theme photo session ideas, a guide or lesson on a tricky photography subject, or something else that’s fun! This alone is worth the cost of the membership.

Wild Card Week

week two


Learning by video is so much fun & we will be sharing one video a month for you to learn from!

Guest speakers & teachers, behind the scenes, live editing, critique of your images, and anything else you guys might ask for!


week three


I am so excited for this! Once a month, we will have a 60 minute live Q & A where I will answer all of your questions & help you with anything you guys need. This will be a lot of fun and an opportunity for you to get individual answers and attention. 

Live Q &A

week four


The next day? I’d do it all over again.

Thinking back now, I have no clue how I did it. In some ways, I didn’t have a choice. I LOVED what I was doing. I knew, too, if I worked hard enough to build my business, I could stay at home with my littles and run my photography business full-time one day. 

And, guess what? All that work paid off. It took years of hustle and tears and so many highs and lows, but when we were having our third baby, I resigned from teaching and took my photography full time. And… I’ve never looked back or regretted a single second of the journey.

Was it easy? GIRL, heck no. But was it worth it?

I’m the girl who started a creative side project with a far-fetched dream of turning it into my career. Years of late nights, mistakes, wins, and tons of work later, I’ve had my work published in People Magazine and featured on Extra TV. I’ve photographed celebrities and influencers I never thought I’d have the chance to meet.

My friend, I built the business I had only barely let myself dream of.

It all started with the yearning in my soul to pursue my passion of art, photography, and connection. And I want to show you how to do it, too—minus the years of juggling #allthethings, the mistakes you don’t need to make, and the testing it takes to finally get it right and find your magic. I’m giving you the keys to your own photo biz kingdom; it’s just up to you to open the door.

One thousand percent

There was a long time when life was a balancing act: I had been doing photography as a side hustle for about 5 years, while teaching kindergarten and first grade, *and* while being a firefighter’s wife and a mama. (I’ll be honest here, though… We have 5 (!!!) littles, so maybe life’s still a bit of a balancing act.)

Back then, I’d wake up at 5 a.m., work out, get my kids ready for the day, teach a full day of class, go do a photoshoot after school some days, go home, spend time with family, round up the posse for dinner and baths, and put my babies to bed… all before editing for hours at night when everyone else was asleep.

I'm Jillian, the gal behind the camera + the collective

hey there!


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Start creating the business of your dreams. 

If you join now as a founding member, you can lock in your membership for $37 per month—and I mean locked. That price won’t go away, like EVER, even when the price eventually goes up to $67 or $97! So don't wait, mama! Join before the doors close, I have a special spot just for you!


I would hate to see you go, but yes. You have the ability to cancel any time if needed. It's likely that you won't want to go since you will love the community and all of the material though!


When you get in as a founding member, you’ll literally be like a part of the membership decision committee. What benefits, trainings, and support do YOU want inside the group? You tell me, we collaborate together, and this mama’s going to make it happen. Aka, you’re MORE than a founding member. You’re a leader inside this community.


I knew I wanted a place where we could…

+ Keep learning & growing together 
+ Ask and answer personalized, detailed questions that may come up as you implement all that you have been taught & will continue to learn
+ And create a community of like-minded women who want transform their business and create art they love

My vision is to curate an experience, community, and access to me that allows YOU to grow your photography skills and feel entirely confident taking meaningful photos of your clients while making money to support your family.

Why are you creating a membership?

What is the time commitment for the membership?

Can I make back my investment?

You will receive a monthly issue on a chosen topic related to your photography business, a wildcard which can consist of anything from a guest teacher to a checklist of shots to get at each photo shoot, a masterclass/live video training, and a 60 minute Q&A with Jillian each month so she can answer ALL of your questions! 

The great thing about this group is that it can be what you want it to be. If you’re invested in learning more about photography and taking your skills to the next level, I’ll have information, trainings, and resources for you to soak up every week. Plus, it’ll be a community of other growing photographers ready to brainstorm, encourage, and chat with you when you need it! But I also know life can be busy and crazy—so if you have less time to commit some weeks or months, that’s okay, too. You can always catch the trainings and info at a later date. It’s there for you for the entirety of your membership!

Oh my, absolutely! Think about it… Many photographers charge hundreds of dollars for ONE session. If you did just one paid session a month, this membership pays for itself, and then some! Plus you’ll have all kinds of tools and resources to learn how to take the BEST possible photos that will keep clients flocking to your door. It’s definitely a worthy investment! It's less than one Starbucks run for drinks & food! 


don't worry, we have the answers!

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