A 5-part, self-guided business course for novice and experienced photographers alike, complete with a step-by-step roadmap to help you identify your photography business plan, create soul-centered & meaningful art, build a sustainable brand, and attract & book your dream clients... consistently .

Basically, if you want to share art that’s true to you, make connections and impact, and build reliable income on your own terms , this is for you.

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am i right?

You got into this industry because you have a passion for telling stories and creating art via your camera lens. Yet, the world of events is changing. People aren’t exactly flocking to weddings or parties. And marketing ( aka, justifying ) your photography services to potential clients has never been more of a fight.

 It’s enough to make you wonder if you’ll ever again experience the joy, financial freedom, and time flexibility you dreamt of when you first became a photographer…

Nobody said this photography thing would be easy.

But, right now especially, it’s never been more clear that service-based businesses won’t survive without a rock-solid plan and an unshakable foundation

Whether you just bought your first pro-level camera this year or you’ve been snapping family portraits and weddings for a decade, you’ve probably found yourself ​wondering lately if it’s all worth it​. 

Is the risk of working for yourself in an unsettling economic climate worth the ​stress​ of the unknown? Is the downswing in clients worth your ​eagerness​ to show up? Is the time put into sessions, editing, client coordination, and planning worth the ​energy​ it takes to produce  high-quality work... ​especially these days​? 

You became a photographer for freedom... to be ​creative​, to make your ​own hours​, to pick and choose ​projects that excite you​. 

Except, in that pursuit of freedom, you’ve found yourself more stressed than ever​ to connect with dream clients and make a decent income. 

Oh, and to actually create work you’re proud of. That would be nice, too.

You can’t seem to crack the code on ​how​ to build a photography business that grows steadily, where incredible clients are easy to find and the work inspires you every single day. 

You put in the time. You want ​more than anything​ to hit your stride. And you just wish you knew ​when it’s supposed to get any easier​. 

You ​know​ the sacrifice required to build a business out of your creative passions, and you’re willing to put in that work. You ​have​ put in that work. And you’ve been showing up day after day: ​promoting​ ​your services​ on social media to anyone who will listen, ​editing images ​for hours on end the way you *hope* your clients will love (even though you’re not even proud of ‘em), and ​hanging out in Facebook groups​ to network and try to gain exposure. 

The problem doesn't have anything to do with your heart, hustle, or attitude.

The Thing Is...

Most days you work your bones and brain to exhaustion, but if you’re really, really honest with yourself, you still feel a bit like a ​fraud​.

Truth be told?

It just doesn’t work like that—at least, not in the world of using your art to build a business.

Even though what those successful photographers are doing might seem so right and so very alluring from where you stand, you can’t copycat their ways and find your own success.

Any of those sound a little too familiar?







The whole “do what’s working for her” thing will plow you down a road of disappointment, one that leads to: 

If your focus is on how to do what everyone else is doing—on the methods of the so-called “​more talented​ ” or “​popular​ ” photographers you follow—​you’ll never find true alignment (or any kind of real success) with your work​.

 The trick ​isn’t​ in duplicating what another photographer with 100K followers is doing with her edits or her social media posts. It’s ​not​ following suit and modeling your own business 
piece-by-piece after hers.

Because (and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…) this approach will only land you in a worse position than you’re already in: unsatisfied, unaligned, and totally uninspired to keep going. 

(But I bet you’re a smart cookie and already knew that.) 

More than that, copying what another photographer is doing​ isn’t a real business strategy​. 

You’re ​always going to feel trapped​ if you’re pursuing someone else’s vision. 

here's the thing

Knowing you? I’d bet you’re already rolling up your sleeves.

What the ~shiny success stories~ on social media happen to leave out is that building a rock-solid photography business isn’t just about enjoying taking photos, knowing how to write good IG captions, and getting that perfect edit.

Nooo, no, no. That’s the bare minimum and a good starting point, but building a business that grows with you , that brings in your dream clientele , that survives economic strain , and that actually fulfills you from your head to your soul … That takes intention. Grit. Strategy. Inner work.

And I have a feeling you already have everything in you to make it happen. It might take some excavating, but I promise it’s within your reach if you’re willing to do the work.

And, it’s not your fault you haven’t found your spark just yet. Key word? Yet .

Just because you’re not sure how to take your photography business to the next level doesn’t mean you’re not capable of building something incredible .

want to know a secret?

My friend, you need to be able to clearly communicate why you get out of bed in the morning, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why you’re passionate about telling people’s stories.

People don’t just buy what you do. They buy the why behind how you actually do it.


See, the best photographers know how to own their story as much as they know how to handle a camera and interact with their clients.

And uncovering your ‘ why ’— the foundational motivation behind what you want to do and build with your business —will help you put aside your fears, find your voice, and ultimately connect with your ideal clients time and time again.

Oh, and make more steady income with rates you actually WANT to charge

Find ways to push yourself creatively

Run each photoshoot smoothly & confidently

Use social media in a way that’s authentic & eye-catching

Curate a powerful portfolio

Create art that is meaningful and true to YOU

Repel those that don’t fit with your style (aka, the clients that drain you)

Attract & book them (repeatedly, and with ease)

Uncover how to best serve them

Nail down who your ideal client is

Own your story and discover your unique voice

You'll be able to...

it can change everything.

If you make honoring your ‘ why ’ the core value that motivates all of your behaviors and business decisions...

And That's a Gift.

And they’re so in tune with their own story that their direction and strategies to reach their versions of success are unshakable.

Essentially? They’re not interested in the noise , and they’ve figured out how to stay in their own lane because they understand that only they can offer what they offer. 

Those photographers aren’t paying attention to what anyone else is doing.

The most successful photographers? The ones with unbelievable followings, booked schedules, and seemingly effortless income and growth?

Here's What I Know...

But in the world of social media, it’s hard to even get noticed among the sea of fabulous photographers out there, let alone get picked for the jobs you truly desire.

You can’t help but compare yourself to someone else who just seems to get it . (And whose rates and clientele are drool-worthy enough to make you desperate to know what they did differently to charge that much and get those kinds of clients.)

What's next? How do I actually make my photography business sustainable, freeing, and meaningful?

If you’re like other photographers who have hustled your way through long shoots , worked endless days , and edited images until it felt like your eyeballs might fall out of your head — and still haven’t found the ease and joy you hoped for in pursuing photography as a business —then you’re probably wondering…

Can you relate?

You know you can’t keep up with the everyday, all-day hustle you’ve barely been maintaining.

You know you need a more strategic way of connecting with clients that actually excite you to work with.

You know the art you’ve been creating isn’t aligned with your passion and purpose, and wish there was a way to actually create images true to you.

You know your work isn’t getting seen by the right people—if at all—and you’re stuck in complacency creating photos that quite honestly bore you.

And you can’t seem to figure out a better way, other than watching what other people are doing and trying their methods on for size ( even if it’s a funky fit ).

You never thought building a photography business would be this exhausting .

Truth be told?

And, friend, I want to show you that way.

One that doesn’t suck all of your time, drain your emotional capacity, and leave you burnt out at the end of every day.

There has to be a better way.

But along the way, you’ve had to take on projects that're so dull your eyes cross, and work hours that are slowly killing you in order to just keep your head above water.

This isn’t the dream you imagined… But, like, what’s the alternative?

Go back to work at a mind-numbing 9-to-5 to support your photography as a side hustle? Pick up a part-time job at a coffee shop? Put your dreams on hold completely until your kiddos are older and you can dedicate even more time and even more energy to something that you’re crossing your fingers will *eventually* work out?

Work on your passion and experience freedom while creating work that captured genuine connection and made people happy .


Building a purpose-filled, profitable photography business starts with understanding your own unique gifts and story…

And then unwrapping them in a way that inextricably connects you with your dream clients.

From there, you can begin to market yourself authentically, compose photoshoots that light you up, and book work that you’re excited about on a regular basis (and that pays what you’re worth).

Feeling like you can’t get into a creative flow because you’re stuck in complacency creating boring photos

Feeling like your work isn’t getting seen

Feeling tired and burnt out over taking a bunch of posed images every session

Not knowing how to take your business to the next level

Not creating art that’s true to you

Not booking your dream clients (or even knowing who they are + where to find them)

Not making enough sales or having enough clients

It’s time to find a better way and stop stressing about:

Because who in the world has time for all of that? Not me, and not you.

It doesn’t need to take any more of your precious bandwidth. It doesn’t have to come with a bunch of complicated to-dos and way-too-complicated strategies you’ve never heard of.

What you don’t need is any more time spent hustling or chasing the elusive, copycat strategy built by photographers who have “made it.”

And here's what I know...

What you do need is the ability to dig into your own passions, skill-set, and gifts to be able to curate an authentic-yet-simple business plan, attract your dream clients, and create art that is true to you.

That’s why I created this program:

To help photographers like you discover your signature style and build a business that not only lasts, but that fills up your soul (and your bank account) for years and years to come.

A self-paced digital course for both new and experienced photographers that shows you how to own your story , develop a photography style unique to you , build a timeless brand , attract the clients you’ve always dreamed of , and market yourself brilliantly ( without the stress ). This is the most simplified path to take back your inspiration, make more money, and build a photography business that stands the test of time.


The Art + Heart Photography Academy

The Art + Heart Photography Academy

It’s not about capturing, decoding, and learning someone else’s special touch. It's about discovering your own brand of magic.

I want you to be armed with the ability to put art out there that you’re proud of and that reflects you , as an individual and an artist.

And you do need all of that (okay, maybe not the identical presets), on top of the steps that really make a photography business stand out and last.

But, most resources don’t tell you how to get to the heart of a successful photography business . Most resources don’t encourage you to do any kind of self-reflection or to work on yourself, so that you can break free from limiting beliefs and create photography and a business that is 100-percent true to YOU.

Just teach how to work with clients and run a smooth photoshoot.

Show you how to slap on a preset that looks just like that big-name photographer’s work.

Only tell you how to operate the business side of things.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of noise, misinformation, and muddled resources out there when it comes to sustaining and scaling a photography business. Resources that…

"Jillian changed my life. My whole dang life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her."


got her groove back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

You’ll get 5 free weekly 60-minute group calls with me to go through the course materials together and have plenty of time for Q+A! (Psssst… This sweet little bonus is worth the cost of the course alone… and then some.)

my favorite part of the whole thing


You’ll also receive Instagram post ideas to share your work and grow your following, email templates for client communication, and posing cue cards to help you and your clients always have fresh ideas for what to do in shoots. Plus, you’ll be added to the program’s exclusive & invaluable Facebook group , full of other growing photographers eager to connect, exchange ideas, and answer your questions as a trusted community. 

Five modules of engaging & actionable lessons, tools, and exercises to discover your ultimate why , overcome your fears , own your story , set up a marketing plan , and build a photography business that evolves with you , your style, and your needs as an artist. Unlike other photography courses, the Art + Heart Photography Academy focuses on tapping into your unique background and story , and building your business and individual photography style from there.

Here's What You'll Get:

The Program

Once you have your business up and running, one of the most powerful and essential tools to expand your reach and draw in dream-worthy clients is social media. How you show up online matters, and I’ll teach you ways to stand out, be authentic, share your work, and connect with families, individuals, and influencers so that you can continue building a portfolio you’re proud of.

Social media often gets overcomplicated, what with all the changing algorithms and new-and-improved best practices people tout… But I promise to show you my simplified, tried-and-true methods that WORK when it comes to building a social presence that’s effective, easy, and that doesn’t take over your life. You’ll feel confident showing up online and engaging with future clients in a smart way.

Social Media

Module Five

What good is using your art to fuel a business if the business isn’t sustainable? My aim is to show you how to use your creativity to create a business model that grows and runs with you, instead of running you into the ground.

You’ll learn how to create a captivating photography website, how to run seamless marketing campaigns, and how to communicate with clients clearly so that you can work together seamlessly. 

Business Essentials

Module Four

Whether you’ve done two shoots or 200, there’s always more to learn about putting together a well-organized, strategic, and fun photoshoot. I’ll share my signature process for family shoots, my pre-shoot routine, how I map out a shoot, my tips for setting client expectations that form strong relationships, and how to let go of fear and cultivate confidence.

Just because you’re not in front of the camera doesn’t mean it’s any less intimidating to be the director of a photoshoot. I’ll share tactical ways to banish the fear that can often cripple creatives, like perfectionism, self-doubt, shame, and guilt. With my shoot strategies (both mental and tangible), you’ll be able to handle any photoshoot twists, turns, and snafus that come your way… And trust me, in the world of photography, there are plenty.

Shooting The Session

Module Three

No two photography businesses look the same, and it all comes down to branding. In Module Two, you’ll learn how to create a brand that’s true to you in order to attract clients you have chemistry with and whose needs only you can meet. You will begin to see how marketing, branding, tone of voice, expectations, and pricing all coincide to attract your dream clients AND repel those who don’t fit into your ideal client avatar.

We’ll also walk through everything you need to know about building a portfolio that people want to talk about, how to start working with influential people to grow your brand, and how to validate your potential clients through your existing work. The goal? For your dream clients to feel seen, heart, and validated, even before they ever agree to work with you. How to get there? I’ll show ya.

Building Your Brand

Module two

In order to communicate your client’s story powerfully and uniquely, you must begin to understand your own story. Understanding your story and using it to frame your art is the only path to authentic originality. Your story + their story = art. In this module, you’ll discover your individual voice, your ‘why,’ and your signature photography style, and how to use that medley to attract the dreamiest of dreamy clients.

Using your personal experiences combined with the creative touchpoints that make your work stand out, you’ll begin to learn how to integrate your background and core values into your art. We’ll walk through visual themes, creative alignment, and the power of owning and sharing your story, so that you can begin finding and booking clients who you connect with on a foundational level.

Telling Your Story

Module one

The Modules


that's exactly what i did

and (spoiler alert)

It wasn’t easy and I messed up… a lot . But, more than that? I had blind ambition and chose to take action, and that’s mattered way more in the long run than any of the missteps and the mistakes. 

Over the years, there have been hard times and there have been amazing times. There have been missed memories and there have been hard months money-wise, but there have also been days where I’m giddy with passion for what I do and when I can’t stop feeling so freakin’ lucky that I’m invited to make these memories. 

I’ve sacrificed time with my hubby and littles to make this happen, knowing that every moment would be worth it if I could juuust make this thing work…

If I could make my passion into my career...

I bought my first-ever camera kit at Costco, watched some YouTube photography videos, took a thousand pictures of my baby girl, and ultimately, well, sorta... stumbled into starting a photography business.

To be honest, this is the *exact* program I could’ve used to skip past a lot of the hard lessons I had to learn & work through when I became a photographer almost 10 years ago.

The Art + Heart Photography Academy totally simplifies everything you need to know to create a meaningful photography business that attracts the right people to your services.

Where do I begin?! Jillian's workshop was WORTH IT! 

I was looking for a way to improve my photography skills as a hobbyist and Jillian really used the workshop to elevate all of us to the next level. Any question I had was answered and I never felt like I was "too new" at photography to be there. We all know that she is talented and her work speaks to that, but for her to open her doors to us and share some great teaching points was something special.


Learned how to create art she loves

This Could Be You...

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Jillian."

Jillian was so warm, friendly and genuine in her teaching approach. Getting to put all the tips and tricks she teaches us to use in real time, while also getting feedback from Jillian was so helpful.


discovered her why & how it effects her work

"This course was a game changer for me with a noticeable improvement in not only my pictures but my confidence."

The workshop exceeded my exceptions. Jillian was so patient, reassuring and answered all my questions...I asked a lot of them!  I’m excited and so grateful to Jillian for sharing her love of photography with novices like myself. I can’t recommend her workshop enough.


built her confidence

The next day? I’d do it all over again.

Thinking back now, I have no clue how I did it. In some ways, I didn’t have a choice. I LOVED what I was doing. I knew, too, if I worked hard enough to build my business, I could stay at home with my littles and run my photography business full-time one day. 

And, guess what? All that work paid off. It took years of hustle and tears and so many highs and lows, but when we were having our third baby, I resigned from teaching and took my photography full time. And… I’ve never looked back or regretted a single second of the journey.

Was it easy? GIRL, heck no. But was it worth it?

I’m the girl who started a creative side project with a far-fetched dream of turning it into my career. Years of late nights, mistakes, wins, and tons of work later, I’ve had my work published in People Magazine and featured on Extra TV. I’ve photographed celebrities and influencers I never thought I’d have the chance to meet.

My friend, I built the business I had only barely let myself dream of.

It all started with the yearning in my soul to pursue my passion of art, photography, and connection. And I want to show you how to do it, too—minus the years of juggling #allthethings, the mistakes you don’t need to make, and the testing it takes to finally get it right and find your magic. I’m giving you the keys to your own photo biz kingdom; it’s just up to you to open the door.

One thousand percent

There was a long time when life was a balancing act: I had been doing photography as a side hustle for about 5 years, while teaching kindergarten and first grade, *and* while being a firefighter’s wife and a mama. (I’ll be honest here, though… We have 5 (!!!) littles, so maybe life’s still a bit of a balancing act.)

Back then, I’d wake up at 5 a.m., work out, get my kids ready for the day, teach a full day of class, go do a photoshoot after school some days, go home, spend time with family, round up the posse for dinner and baths, and put my babies to bed… all before editing for hours at night when everyone else was asleep.

I'm Jillian, the gal behind the camera + the course

hey there!

because i believe these materials work...

Get Art & Heart Photography Academy Now for Just $497

I’m proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Building a business from your passion isn’t a joke. It’s tough work and requires resilience, grace, and sacrifice— often all in the same day . This program is like the Spark Notes version of my 10 years of building a photography business… It’s everything I’ve learned in running my own side-hustle-turned-successful-business, packaged up into a neat, tidy, and actionable course that you can apply and begin experiencing results from today.

That’s why I don’t mess around when it comes to getting you the outcome you envision. If you show up, put in the work, and aren’t happy with your progress 30 days after hitting purchase, just send proof and screenshots of your participation and work to support@jilliangoulding.com for a full refund, no questions asked.Truthfully, the value is well above the sticker price when you add up my decade of photography business experience, the extra resources, and bonus group calls with me for four weeks. But I wanted to keep this program as affordable as possible for photographers who need the most direct steps to take their business to the next level.

"I am so thankful Jillian shared so much of her incredible photography tips and tricks with us, that she's spent years learning and perfecting. She took so much time to make that everyone in the class
understood the material."

— Stefanie

"This programsurpassed my expectations!"



I was looking for a way to improve my photography skills as a hobbyist and Jillian really used the workshop to elevate all of us to the next level. Any question I had was answered and I never felt like I was "too new" at photography to be there. We all know that she is talented and her work speaks to that, but for her to open her doors to us and share some great teaching points was something special.

Brittany Dimarco

"This course was the best investment—ever!"



The workshop exceeded my exceptions. Jillian was so patient, reassuring and answered all my questions...I asked a lot of them! I’m excited and so grateful to Jillian for sharing her love of photography with novices like myself. I can’t recommend her workshop enough.

JennY Seacrist

"This course was a game changer for me."



What is it costing you to NOT invest in your business? 

All growth and success in any business requires time and investment, that's a fact. The real question isn’t whether or not you can afford it, the real question is
whether or not you want to grow your business.

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!

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