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Art & Heart is a high level group coaching program for female photographers who are committed to scaling to six figures so they can have financial freedom and build a business that they are proud of.

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You know you want to make six figures like the other big names photographers, but you are struggling to find YOUR way of making it happen! 

Receive a personalized video recording of your website and portfolio. Listen as we share with you personal adjustments and tweaks you can make in how you take photos, how you edit and how you display those photos on your website. This recording will walk you through a unique approach for how you can create gorgeous images and client winning website!

Website & portfolio review

Grace T is here to grace us with all of her knowledge about Instagram Reels and how to rock them. Reels are a new video medium on Instagram and, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, they are *bold flashing sign* IMPORTANT for the algorithm. 

Brand New Reels training with Grace T photography!

where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, garner support, and grow your photography business family with like-minded creatives and go-getters

Exclusive Art & Heart Facebook Group

of creative and actionable Instagram captions, sales emails, letters for approaching influencers, thank yous for clients after shoots, printable posing cards and more.

Templates, how to’s, and examples

to accompany each module that help you piece together the key takeaways, dig into your talent and story, and develop the most invaluable understanding of what you can offer and who you can offer it to.

action steps

complete with videos, a study book with written lessons, and a workbook to keep you on track with the materials, exercises, and your goals, no matter your learning style.

My jam-packed 6-module lesson plan

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You’ll get weekly 60-minute group coaching calls to ask questions, strategize, learn from one another, level up your mindset and so much more. 

my favorite part of the whole thing


  • Six modules of engaging & actionable lessons, tools, and exercises to discover your ultimate why , overcome your fears , own your story , set up a marketing plan , and build a photography business that evolves with you , your style, and your needs as an artist.

  • A complete training on Instagram REELS with Grace T Photography. 

  • Instagram post ideas to share your work and grow your following

  • Email templates for client communication

  • Posing cue cards to help you and your clients always have fresh ideas for what to do in shoots. 

  • Exclusive access to the invaluable Facebook group , full of other growing photographers eager to connect, exchange ideas, and answer your questions as a trusted community. 

Here's What You'll Get:

The Program

Learn how to create a captivating photography website, how to run seamless marketing campaigns, and how to communicate with clients clearly so that you can work together seamlessly.

Business Essentials

Module four

See my signature process for family shoots, my pre-shoot routine, how I map out a shoot, my tips for setting client expectations that form strong relationships, and how to let go of fear and cultivate confidence.

Shooting the Session

Module Three

The Modules



Grace is sharing the value of Reels, along with how she comes up with content ideas for hers, how she plans & puts them together, how to edit Reels, what she does for sound/music, and how to make them applicable for your niche. She even walks you through the full creation of one of her Reels, from idea to application, and shares a simplified way to edit, create, and publish your own. 

Reels Training with Grace Troutman

Learn how to create a brand that’s true to you in order to attract clients you have chemistry with and whose needs only you can meet. 

Building Your Brand

Module two

Discover your individual voice, your ‘why,’ and your signature photography style, and how to use that medley to attract the dreamiest of dreamy clients.

Telling Your Story

Module one

Inside this module, I’ll break down the steps you can take to finally uncover your own beautiful, one-of-a-kind style of editing, and do so in a way that’s consistent and timeless.

All About Editing

Module six

I’ll teach you ways to stand out, be authentic, share your work, and connect with families, individuals, and influencers so that you can continue building a portfolio you’re proud of.

Social Media

Module five

The next day? I’d do it all over again.

And, guess what? All that work paid off. It took years of hustle and tears and so many highs and lows, but when we were having our third baby, I resigned from teaching and took my photography full time. And… I’ve never looked back or regretted a single second of the journey.

There was a long time when life was a balancing act: I had been doing photography as a side hustle for about 5 years, while teaching kindergarten and first grade, *and* while being a firefighter’s wife and a mama. (I’ll be honest here, though… We have 5 (!!!) littles, so maybe life’s still a bit of a balancing act.)

Back then, I’d wake up at 5 a.m., work out, get my kids ready for the day, teach a full day of class, go do a photoshoot after school some days, go home, spend time with family, round up the posse for dinner and baths, and put my babies to bed… all before editing for hours at night when everyone else was asleep.

I'm Jillian, the gal behind the camera + the course

hey there!

A 9 month coaching program for female photographers who want to be fully booked & scale to six figures in less than one year. This program is for both new and experienced photographers that shows you how to own your story , develop a photography style unique to you , build a timeless brand , attract the clients you’ve always dreamed of , and market yourself brilliantly ( without the stress ). This is the most simplified path to take back your inspiration, make more money, and build a photography business that stands the test of time.

The Art + Heart Photography Academy

It’s not about capturing, decoding, and learning someone else’s special touch. It's about discovering your own brand of magic.

I want you to be armed with the ability to put art out there that you’re proud of and that reflects you , as an individual and an artist.

And you do need all of that (okay, maybe not the identical presets), on top of the steps that really make a photography business stand out and last.

But, most resources don’t tell you how to get to the heart of a successful photography business . Most resources don’t encourage you to do any kind of self-reflection or to work on yourself, so that you can break free from limiting beliefs and create photography and a business that is 100-percent true to YOU.

Just teach how to work with clients and run a smooth photoshoot.

Show you how to slap on a preset that looks just like that big-name photographer’s work.

Only tell you how to operate the business side of things.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of noise, misinformation, and muddled resources out there when it comes to sustaining and scaling a photography business. Resources that…

It just doesn’t work like that—at least, not in the world of using your art to build a business.

Even though what those successful photographers are doing might seem so right and so very alluring from where you stand, you can’t copycat their ways and find your own success.

Any of those sound a little too familiar?







The whole “do what’s working for her” thing will plow you down a road of disappointment, one that leads to: 

Knowing you? I’d bet you’re already rolling up your sleeves.

What the ~shiny success stories~ on social media happen to leave out is that building a rock-solid photography business isn’t just about enjoying taking photos, knowing how to write good IG captions, and getting that perfect edit.

Nooo, no, no. That’s the bare minimum and a good starting point, but building a business that grows with you , that brings in your dream clientele , that survives economic strain , and that actually fulfills you from your head to your soul … That takes intention. Grit. Strategy. Inner work.

And I have a feeling you already have everything in you to make it happen. It might take some excavating, but I promise it’s within your reach if you’re willing to do the work.

And, it’s not your fault you haven’t found your spark just yet. Key word? Yet .

Just because you’re not sure how to take your photography business to the next level doesn’t mean you’re not capable of building something incredible .

want to know a secret?

"I highly highly recommend her course because it touches on different aspects of the business, not just one thing."


filled her schedule

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


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real results

To be honest, this is the *exact* program I could’ve used to skip past a lot of the hard lessons I had to learn & work through when I became a photographer almost 10 years ago.

The Art + Heart Photography Academy totally simplifies everything you need to know to create a meaningful photography business that attracts the right people to your services.

"She will share all of her knowledge and teach you everything she knows... she was there for every step of the way."


is starting her dream business

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


hit play!

real results

"Where do I begin?! Jillian's workshop was WORTH IT!" 

Jillian's Art & Heart Academy found me in an uncertain time in my business as I was facing a hard season of burn out. Her insights on how to elevate your business, client experience, social media and art were mind blowing and helped me come out of my burn out fog. From the course workbook that she sends you, to the weekly zoom calls and also the great facebook group, Jillian had it all laid out so that it was easy to stay on track and keep learning new things every week. I am so thankful to Jillian for making her course when she did as it was a great investment to help my business grow. If you are on the fence take my word for it, sign up and watch your business elevate!”


Learned how to create art she loves

This Could Be You...

"If you're on the fence, let me just say... you've gotta work with Jillian."

Jillian shined a light on the power I had within me but that I was too scared to tap into. During Art and Heart I realized that even after 4 years of this gig I had not discovered my why. During that process, I realized that I have been staying where my business was comfortable and I was not being fulfilled. Mid course I decided that I needed to not only shift my brand, but also completely re-invent myself by starting a second photography brand. Scary, right? Not when you fully believe in who you are though! Jillian has not only been a mentor to me, but has become a friend. She challenges me to live my purpose, make decisions I trust in, and to push myself as a woman and as a photographer. I literally would not have had the guts to jump off the “I am safe where I am” cliff without Art & Heart! I also made some great friends during the course which (in this crazy industry) is a huge win! Jillian, thank you for believing in this spazz of a photographer who has 873 questions a week.” 


discovered her why & how it effects her work

"This course was a game changer for me with a noticeable improvement in not only my pictures but my confidence."

“I knew I wanted more and I wanted the ideal client. I felt that Art & Heart Photography really helped you decide what it really is that you want in your client, what you want to put out there to get those clients, how to run a business, and I felt my confidence grew so much in this course. Jillian is amazing!” 


built her confidence

"I am so thankful Jillian shared so much of her incredible photography tips and tricks with us, that she's spent years learning and perfecting. She took so much time to make that everyone in the class understood the material."

— Stefanie

"This programsurpassed my expectations!"



I was looking for a way to improve my photography skills as a hobbyist and Jillian really used the workshop to elevate all of us to the next level. Any question I had was answered and I never felt like I was "too new" at photography to be there. We all know that she is talented and her work speaks to that, but for her to open her doors to us and share some great teaching points was something special.

Brittany Dimarco

"This course was the best investment—ever!"



The workshop exceeded my exceptions. Jillian was so patient, reassuring and answered all my questions...I asked a lot of them! I’m excited and so grateful to Jillian for sharing her love of photography with novices like myself. I can’t recommend her workshop enough.

JennY Seacrist

"This course was a game changer for me."



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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!

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